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Hi! I'm Katie, a professional in user experience design and digital marketing. I take pride in my ability to empathize with users which results in creating high quality digital products.

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E-Commerce Development Plan

Gulp Roast Coffee was ready to expand their business by growing their sales and revenue using online products. Their website thus far had been only information based. Our design team set out to research how Gulp Roast could best meet the needs of their customers by offering various products online.
Challenges and limitations to mention: I had approximately 2 weeks to come up with a research plan and conduct relevant user interviews.

My first step was creating a mind map to better understand the potential avenues of e-commerce. I then created a proto-persona to better empathize with the customer of Gulp Roast.Based on the objective for Gulp Roast I was to develop a research plan.
I generated a Research Statement:
"Currently Gulp Roast Coffee doesn’t sell any products or services online. We want to help Gulp Roast Coffee generate more revenue and sales by offering relevant products and services online for purchase to their consumers."
Next a few Research Objectives:
"I want to understand what kind of products consumers would want to purchase online from Gulp Roast Coffee in order to increase their revenue and sales."
"What are some important factors when it comes to choosing their daily/weekly coffee products/services?"
These statements and objectives allowed me to get in the mindset of creating a discussion guide that I would use to interview Gulp Roast Coffee customers and even customers from nearby competitor coffee locations. I took detailed notes and recorded interiews when permitted. I was able to take this feedback and create relevant research frames.I was able to develop a How Might We Statement:
"How might we create an application that is streamlined for working professionals in order to help them get to work faster?"
"How might we add a better way to customize orders for busy professionals in order to allow them to keep a steam-lined routine?"

Using the How Might We Statements I created a Feature Prioritization Matrix from the ideas in a brainstorming session. (See the matrix above)

Based on all of the tools and information I gathered up to this point, it seemed an online ordering platform would be the best answer to assisting Gulp Roast Coffee in their plan to grow their business.In the video above you will see a paper sketch prototype of what this product looks like. I utilized POP Marvel to make this into an interactive prototype.Results and Insights
There is major opportunity to grow sales and revenue by creating an online ordering platform. Many people enjoy the convenience of online ordering.
With the approval of Gulp Roast Coffee we will begin the steps iterating the prototypes for an online ordering platform using Figma and continue to user test and interview as needed.

uFit App Research Development

uFit Gym is a fitness gym that needed a better way to connect their fitness coaches to their gym clients. At the time of our first meeting the main method of communication between the two groups were via text or emails and occasionally phone calls. uFit rolled out this coaching program to not only better serve their clients but to have a unique advantage from their competitors. The coach serves as an accountability partner to the clients and will also help them with guided workouts and meal plans. uFit offers their new members 2 weeks of free fitness coaching. After the free two week period the clients can join a monthly subscription plan.A few challenges that uFit Gym was facing: the coaches were saying it was difficult to manage all the texts, emails, and calls from the clients. The new clients who were joining the gym were not joining the coaching subscription service after their two free weeks. Despite the fact that 85% of the new clients said they joined uFit because of its unique fitness coaching benefit. uFit reached out to our company to help them with their action plan in starting an application that will improve their challenges and their business as a whole.Challenges and limitations for our design team: uFit Gym wants to have a solution as soon as possible since the coaching program is currently live. Both coaches and clients are depending on this program for their livelihood and overall wellbeing. This program is also set to generate 75% of uFit Gyms business for this year. Our design team immediately realized the pressure and knew that time was of the essence.

My team and I set out right away to get started with uFit Gym. We felt our first best step was to get in the mindset of a uFit Gym client. We began with making a behavioral archetype which allowed us to put ourselves in the clients shoes. With this information we developed a research plan:Why did we think an app would be beneficial?
What are the objectives?
Who is participating in our research?
What research methods will we use?
With all this we created a discussion guide to utilize during an interview process with uFit Gym clients and other fitness clients. We want a well rounded understanding of people who use these types of services.

From the interviews we could better see what some of the main values were that this type of person looked for in a
fitness coach experience. We compiled a list of survey questions to send to the clients and members at uFit Gym.

The answers we received pointed us in a direction for the application development. Before creating any low fidelity mockups we organized our ideas into a creative matrix and finally a detailed User Journey that gave us a visual for the phases a client would likely go through.

You will see here the low fidelity wireframes we intend to use as a rough draft to begin our higher fidelity wireframes. The UI design team will then help us focus on the final stages to prepare for the developers.

Bump It Up Landing Page Design & Graphics

I was contacted by an accountability coach to design and build a landing page for his new coaching program.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop and Carrd.com

Ryan shared with me his main goals for his landing page: introduce himself to his clients, provide information about the program, allow the clients to get to know his background, have a way for new clients to contact him including socials, and last but not least mobile friendly.

I sent Ryan a questionaire so I could get to know his style and his brand. Another designer had already created his logo.
With the help of Carrd.com I was able to build a scroll landing page. I personally edited the main image of the business owner using photoshop.

See video tour of the webpage below

Hi! I'm Katie.

I am a User Experience Designer and Digital Marketing Professional based in Houston, TX.I combine my 9+ years of experience in the Death Care industry with my expertise in clientele satisfaction to solve problems and create a intuitive and engaging user experiences.Through my professional career I have learned how to adapt quickly to client's needs, empathize, and find a solution for them. Equally important, I have learned to effectively communicate and build strong relationships with my clients, community leaders, colleagues, and peers amongst many different industries.Why UX Design?I am a “fixer” to my core. I am passionate about helping others find the best solution for their current issue by implementing research, testing, and designing. The best way to maintain a positive relationship with any user is to provide them with the most efficient way to solve their problem or reach their goal.Whether you’re looking to work with me, collaborate, or just want to connect as peers, please feel free to reach out!

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Personal Creative Projects

I never outgrew my love for arts and crafts. Being creative has always been an outlet for me.
I would consider myself a multimedia style artist as I love to learn new methods and techniques.

Check out the some of my favorite projects below!

From the moment I discovered epoxy resin art I was HOOKED! I watched countless YouTube videos, mesmerized by the ability to create a flowing design with vibrant yet transparent colors. As you can see from the pictures I love the ocean design and found many ways to create functional and visual art pieces. After some practice I finally nailed the faux rose quartz design.

Growing up, my family always played corn hole at our get togethers. I wanted to make something custom and decided to incorporate my love of the Houston Astros. From there it took off! I had many friends and their friends asking me to make corn hole boards with their desired design.

Later in life, I found my passion for creating digital art and designs. I started out with Procreate and eventually started learning Canva and Adobe Suite.

Thank you

Thank you so much for contacting me. I will respond to you as soon as I can.

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